I really wanna share something w u guys, but I’m just too lazy to upload photos from my handphone and camera, so I just used my lousy webcam. Miss seeing my face?! hahaha.



check out da elephantttt on my shoulder! cute or what?! I bought this for myself! 🙂 just a very sudden urge to get a new sleeping companion. the thought came into my mind last night when i was trying to sleep. and so today after work, i went to CWP to search for it!

initially wanna get an Eeyore but its a tad too small for me to hug to sleep and plus, it looks a tad dirty as well.

and then came along Allie! (sounds the same as ELEphant what.)

just e perfect size for me, and don’t you feel like smiling just by looking at her?


hehe, love you Allie!

just check out the faceeee la. forever smiling and happy. 😀

and really comfortable to hug ok, cos i’m like pressed up against her while i’m typing this entry. shioknessss. i think i’m gg to bring her over to msia nxt week. haha!