My friends and I are planning something huge.

It all started with me and alan having some crazy talk on backpacking and explore USA, Europe while we were waiting for Yiming to come fetch us (doh, he’s late again, what else!)

So when we were at Books Cafe (tucked away in some ulu street, but a really nice place to just chill and thumb through the wide variety of books available there!) , there’s this suitcase just behind our sofa filled with travel guides to various countries and I picked out a few.

There was an angmoh sharing the table and sofa with us and when he saw “USA” he was giving out suggestions to us on where to go, when to go, what sort of transportation will be good etc. Very friendly, and duh, I did most of the talking, cos.. I’m the one in charge of customer relations. Alan is the HR and Yiming is involved in logistics.


but then again, if I’m in a foreign country and I see ppl checking out “Singapore” I’ll be very very friendly too and will give a lot of suggestions frm food to accomodation to places of attraction!

So ya, the something huge is that.. we’re planning to go USA next yr, somewhere in September, backpacking style yo!

and we’re going to tell people we meet,

“Hello, we are Y.A.K!”