rain_on_a_window_pane_poster-p228990999671633311trma_400I love snuggling in bed with my mountain of pillows, soft toys and my huge blanket on cold, wet, rainy days.

I just bought a new CD, its of bossa nova genre, by Lisa Ono. Her voice is crisp and fresh, soft and soothing and basically just everything nice and warm to listen to.

And baby is here for e night.

(Even tho there is a minor major cock up for my work, I guess one of the thing tt i’ve learnt thus far in this job is, shit really do happen at times when you least expect it. And I can really do nth abt it except to learn frm it, lor. )

I think we’re gg to finish off e tub of HaagenDasz’s belgian choc in the fridge on my bed before we sleep tonight. and when we kiss each other gnight, we’re gg to taste e same as each other. 🙂

planning to wake up tml to have bfast before he goes off for work. i’m craving for pancakes!