Hey ho people.

I am still alive, thank you very much. Sorry if you come back and keep seeing the same old post over and over again. But recently I’m quite bogged down by some matters of my own and I don’t think I’m in a clear state of mind to pen coherent stuff down. Just some updates on my recent happenings.

  1. I had durian waffle at Icekimo ytd and it was frigging awesome.
  2. Recently I am quite emo, when I think of some matters, I find myself tearing. But it comes and goes, not as much of a crybaby anymore.
  3. Been hanging out with my lovely Y.A of Y.A.K and some other friends of theirs this past few days. In fact, I’ve met yiming 3 or 4 times for the past week alone. hahaha BONDING time ok!
  4. Mama and gloria had a mini celebration for me over sunday. It was really just a get together w them and we got high over A*mei, S.H.E and MayDay songs. phew. most tiring K session ever. they v cute, say will owe me my shopping vouchers first. so, I will have to WAIT before I can do any shopping!
  5. I am gg to turn 21 in 5 more days. neutral. not much feelings.
  6. Meeting my skinnies on monday, IJKZ (minus zanel) on tuesday, and dinner w family on actual day itself. I guess, family should be e top priority. My mum gave birth to me on 30sep 21 yrs ago, I should thank her right!
  7. Going off to chalet with him from fri-sun. Will be lugging my laptop there tho. So I’ll still be contactable.
  8. I am very disappointed with something and I can’t help thinking about it.
  9. I have this sudden urge to just travel around the world.
  10. Life is short, make it interesting, people. Ok, thats nt an update of me. More like a shout out.