The pain in my nails

Practically, most of e part of my body is aching.

Esp my knee.

And my 2 nails that gt this super deep cut in them which I’ve absolutely no freaking idea how and where I get it. But its such an irritating nagging kinda pain that just gets in your way in doing things. Like shampooing the hair, typing, combing thru your hair w ur fingers.

You know?! Those lil stuff.

Ah, my knee. Dont even talk about it. It’s like really gone. No wonder ppl say knee injuries is one of e worst. Once your knee is gone, it’s gone forever man. I still go for my pilates and all the other classes because, I can’t rest at home. I still need to be down at my centres, carrying stuff and all so since I’m nt resting, then might as well just heck already right?!

Oh boy.

Today is really a long day.

Day starts at 9+ and its non stop action from there onwards. I feel like a superwoman, rushing frm place to place.  Like woodlands in the morning, then Mayflower, then AMK, then sembawang, then woodlands again. And it’s really tiring to be on the go like this for e whole day! And the hot sun isn’t really helping either. Obviously my knee is super cranky abt it, kinda swells up a bit and even tho I’m wearing my knee guard, I walk in a super weird manner. Well, duh. With all e movement, I don’t see why it won’t.

But meeting my friends at night certainly helps.

Listening to Alan sings makes me forget the pain, almost. haha, seriously, he’s a natural comedian.

Just reached home and have a sudden urge to rant, thus this post.

And I’m gg to bathe, and will be heading off from home in a few more hrs.

And will be meeting Mandy, someone whom I get to know online cos she’s collecting clothes for the victims in Manila’s flood. And since I have sooooo many clothes, I’m sure I’ve some to spare, furthermore it’s for a good cause! So I threw in some clothes in like half an hr ytd and I already got a huge bag full of them!

Feeling good for myself! 🙂