Birthday Chalet 25-27Sep


Hello people!

O.M.G I’m finally blogging with pictures! Don’t you just miss me?! Heh heh.

Baby, see, I blogged!

collage day 1

First day- Friday

I met baby after my work in the morning and I was rushing around like a headless chicken in e morning by the way. Due to the fact that I need to find the children’s day presents for my children ( like 400+ of them?! of cos must look around and find the best and cheapest one right! ) , delivering it to my staff on time, and to spend some time with them over lunch. Then off to home I went, throw in some clothes in my new Billabong’s bag (15bucks nia. damn cheap) and off I gooooo! Oh by the way, I really love this dress of mine. From Outfitter’s Girls and it’s on sale so it’s only selling for 30!

I’m good at buying cheap and nice deals man.


Anyhoos. As some of you might have already know, I wasn’t really like, looking forward to this chalet. No excitement, no nothing. Or perhaps a tinge of disappointment. BECAUSE. my dear boy bluffed me! he told me my friends aren’t able to come on the same day (which I think it’s true right? but in the end he asked everyone to try to make it on friday instead? is that it?! i need some inside information dood. haha) And also because the previous week, we had this really HUGE argument which makes me even more sian.

So upset ok! I was crying on a COUPLE of occasions lor.

So of course I was having my default face on. Which I assure you, is a very ugly looking one and the whole journey there we didn’t talked much as well. And baby told me there’s a surprise at night for me.

Believe it or not. When he said that, coupled with him always messaging on his handphone ah, I somehow guessed that my friends can make it already. And tts why I didn’t cry when I saw them! hahaha! Cause I am sort of prepared for it! But I didn’t dare to keep thinking about it, just in case nothing of that sort happens I will be damn damn disappointed again.

collage hoodie

Changed into something more comfy (from cotton on body, altgt 20bucks nia. CHEAP! ok now I know where all my money went! hahaha) and we head off for early dinner and to buy some groceries to put in our home for that 2 days.

collage before IJZ arrives

We had Fish & Co express and surprisingly, it’s quite good! And we had a free meal as well because they gave us the wrong order and the best part is; baby took a bite of the chicken strips, and told me the fish they sell over here is very special. erhem.

Of course it taste special, it’s not even fish at the very first place!

Hahahaha! We tried our luck for TOTO as well but sigh. It’s not mine for this year as well! Bummer. 😦

My man carrying all the groceries cos his dear girlfriend has a busted knee!

collage bored

and then back in the room, I got so bored I started doing invoices for work.

I’m like a broken record that keeps going, “baby I’m very bored. when is my special delivery coming?” because it was way past 8pm. (and get to know from the rest that it’s all thanks to… Jasmine Chong & Mark Ho!)

collage longan

And baby bought 1kg of longans and PEELED everything just so he can entertain me during the waiting period. Hahaha, I’m serious, all 1kg of them! I had the best time eating the longans up man. I think besides my daddy, only he is willing to do that for me. I can’t find any other man willing to do that for me.

So.. I was still doing my work when baby go and opened the door, and who do I see but IJZ and other halves singing a bday song for me! 🙂

I was screammmmming my head off when I saw them la! hahaha! thank you all! much loves!

collage cake cutting

Check out my split bangs. -_- Literally centre parting already can! RARRR!

But I still love the picture because I look oh-so-happy in it. 😀 Thanks jean for buying the cake on joey’s behalf, it’s DURIANNN cake. WOOHOO! everyone enjoys the cake, I think. Luckily all of us loves durian.

I know I am super tanned. I’m lurrrving it!

And we cam-whored after we finish eating the cakes. Oh boy, we took lots of them! Just imagine 2 cameras set to self-timer shots at the same time. Hahaha, the poses we have to come up with! Gosh.




Anyway we took way way way more. I’ve uploaded everything into my FB’s account so you guys can check it out over there! 🙂

collage act cute

Our act cute pose. Only zanel is doing it the correct, normal way. The rest of us doing the guys way. haha! that book is there because I do not have other pics to fill up that slot in the collage!

The rest left around 10+ because most of them have something on the following day, like our dear jean has exam in the morning. So, I really really appreciate each and every one of you who came down to celebrate the bday with me. You guys really make the day/night even more fantabulous than it already is!


But mark and jasmine stayed for the night.

And guess what happened in the morning?

Second Day- Saturday


They woke up in each other’s arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you can see from this picture, Joey is still looking lovingly at Mark but Mark is trying his best to scramble out of the bed ASAP.

We went swimming and we saw this weird ah pek in this weird get-up.


Upon closer look, to my horror, I realised he is Joey.

Hahahahaha! No la! We make him wear my goggles while he was sunbathing and I snap this photo. damn funny, imagine someone wearing the goggle while tanning to make him look more sporty. (swimming mah)

After swimming we went to Escape and thank goodness we’ve free tickets for it! Because it’s gotta be the most boring theme park ever in the world. I’m serious. There’s nothing much going on there and basically we were in and out within like an hour plus?

Then Mark suggested very enthusiastically that we should cycle from Pasir Ris to Changi Village for nasi lemak. We all agreed and what we all don’t know is the sun that day was scorchinggggggg hot and we started cycling right smack in the middle of the afternoon where the sun is at it’s highest peak.

Gosh. I didn’t think it was possible but I got even tanner.

collage cycling 2

collage cycling

and baby was the cyclist of the day. 🙂 because of my knee la! But I helped him along the way esp if he’s going up the slope. but for like 80% of the time I am just resting at the back and enjoyingggg the breeeeze.

Anyway, the men were both knackered after the whole thing ends. Mark and Jasmine left for another of their friend’s bday party and after we showered, B just fall asleep. Poor thing, he needs to recharge!

collage back in room

And when a woman is bored, she cam-whored of course. What else is there to do you tell me? Oh as you can see I’m using my laptop to do my work while he was sleeping. I can manage my time very well hor?! Like this I won’t waste my time watching boring mediacorp’s shows that were repeated for like 748548 times.

But alas, I couldn’t resist the sleeping bug too and I snuggled in together with babyboy.

And we awoke at like.. 8ishpm.

Managed to convince baby to go buy the food for our dinner on his own (I used the reason that I’m already wearing my nightie. And I’m lazy to change. If he wants everyone to see me in my nightie, ok lor, fine, I can go. HAHAHAHA!)

Our theme for the food was: unhealthy comfort food.

We had, Mcdonald’s 20piece nuggets, KFC’s popcorn chicken and Koka’s maggie mee.

Wtf man, I swear, I gained a kg after that meal. I am serious.


And for his reward for getting the food, I was the chef for the night! Even tho all I need to do was to pour whatever thats inside the satchets and then hot water into the container, I’m still a chef nonetheless. Hey. I served piping hot food under his nose ok!

Had the most sinful (and lazy) meal and watched a bit of F1.

And we decided its a very good feeling to go to sleep with a filled stomach. LOL.

Third Day- Sunday


Woke up, brushed teeth, rushing around to clear our stuff and packed our things and making sure we left nothing behind. (B did. he left a bag of sweets worth 8bucks behind. careless boy)

and then it’s home sweet home ♥

thank you baby. 😀 words can only say this much but I really wanna thank you for splurging on me for that special day of mine and I’m really glad that I was able to spend my bday again with you- it’s my 3rd time celebrating it tgt with you! I can see that you’re trying your best to change through your actions, the things you said and I’m really thankful for that.

Baby, hold my hand, hold it tight, don’t let it go. I hope we can make our way till to the end of the road.