The elephant walk this way and that

buang foot


Check out my left foot and right knee!

I had a fall last saturday at Mount Faber. Totally missed out on the step in front of me. Went to see a doc ytd and he said my left foot is too swollen to do anything to it except to wrapped it up with the gooey black paste and he gave me like, 15 packets of powder for me to drink. He said too much clot blood inside, so much so it’s pressing onto my nerves, therefore the pain when I walk.

As for e right knee, you can’t really see the picture, but its swollen as well due to a blue black I’ve gt there but I’m sure that one will be fine after the swelling subsides and all.

But now I walked like 1m per hour and I’m sure if there’s a fire somewhere I will be the first to die. I wanna recover soon as well, you know. It ain’t fun with a wrapped foot and a busted knee (like it’s nt busted enough) and not able to do anything with ease.

I’m never, never, ever, going to go Mount Faber at such late timing again.