Time frame for Love


I’m a firm believer that there is a time frame for everything, a certain time frame for you to apologise, for you to do certain things, and even for love, I believe there is a certain time limit to it for 2 strangers to meet, to get to know each other, and to fall in love. If you’re pass that time frame, and nothing’s done to acknowledge those feelings, then nothing could be done afterwards.

At least, for me, that’s how I feel la.

Just like, can you imagine falling in love with your best friend of 3 years. Like suddenly, no special feelings whatsoever, then one fine day, you look at the person in a new light and think that, hey, I think I’m in love with him/her. Won’t that be very weird? Not to mention the consequences they have to face if the r.ship don’t work out. They might lost a best friend, forever.


Both person are in love with each other, and they both jolly well know it, but they just refuse to admit it. Time passes, nothing much is done, I can assure you, most of the times, it won’t work out as well. People do get bored and sick waiting for the person to come around to their senses and to do something concrete about it. One of the thing I really hate about the dating game is mind games.

Or there are many more kind of situations la. Just listing down a couple as example.

I think I’ve missed out on a couple of timeframe for love (infatuation, more likely actually) over the past 21years of my life. And I guess it’s really okay if given the time for me to think about it and to convince myself he ain’t that big a deal anyway. (since young i’m damn good at brain-washing myself) But initially, there will be this empty feeling inside me, a sort of a heartache that can’t really be explained fully by words on hw it felt. Haha, oh boy, that sucks.

And baby nearly missed me there, didn’t he? But luckily he came around to his senses at the nick of time.