So belated.

I’m making full use of this chance to post up whatever pictures that I owe up onto the blog, okay?

Sigh, I miss going out, but seriously, who can I blame but myself for being oh-so-careless yet again. The only thing that’s troubling me.. is my bone fractured? No idea, but lots of people have been feeding me with horror stories and it’s always good to get a second opinion, right? I might ask my dad to bring me to the polyclinic later on, if not, baby is going to bring me to see one tml morning before he went off to the sch in the noon. Yep, school on Saturday, the third saturday in a row.

Ok dokes, pictures up!

Actually it’s going to be just two collages and I’m gg to write down whatever that happened in bullet forms.



A dinner out with my 2 skinnies!

Haha amanda and I were trying to “outcast” xinyi by our healthy glowing tanned skin! 😀

What we did:

  • dinner at Din Tai Fung
  • ooh, the food was superbly yummy! Esp the crispy thin prawn pancake that I craved for so long, shit, I shouldnt look at food pics when I can’t get out of e house. -_- and the dessert too. pulau hitam with grassjelly-chilled.
  • oh! a waitress accidentally spilled tea on amanda’s top. luckily there isn’t any stain. if not we were saying we will demand free meals frm DTF all year round. hahaha!
  • went to HURS to pick out my bday present frm them.
  • wee! Vintage bag, lovelovelove it!
  • then off to a balloon shop we went and amandalove got me a Hello Kitty balloon which declared, “I Love You” on it! Uber sweetness.
  • and xinyilove got me 3 roses, red and pink nonetheless, again, 3 stands for what?! I love you also la! hahaha! I am loved!
  • Chillax at Starbucks and xinyi scare the hell out of me with her ghost stories.
  • took lots of pictures with the self timer shots, i love self-timer!

A big thank you to my 2 lovelies. Making me feel like a precious gem that day with the gifts and surprises. Feel soooo loved whenever gg out with the both of you! hehe!

bigbigkiss! MUACKS*


A special delivery by mingzhen!

The first thing that came to my mind was,


and the second thought was,


hahahaah! YES! it doesn’t really take an idiot to guess that this kind of delivery doesn’t comes cheap ok! With balloon and flowers and plushie somemore! I rarely sign for such delivery except for my registered postage (haha!) and its cheap thrill man.

I left the flowers in the basket as it is cos its too pretty to be plucked out and guessed what? It survived for a week ok! Cos actually inside the basket is like this huge wad of wet sponge. No wonder my flowers can survive for so long! 🙂 The flowers I think are daisy, gerbaras (did i get e spelling right?) and some other which i can’t identify. hahaha.

baby told me it looks all e same to him.


Thank you my dear! No wonder someone asked to faster go home, cos according to her, “it’s late already” hahahah! Is that why you ask me to faster go home?! 🙂 loves!

I posted this up in FB already, but will post it here again just in case some missed it. 2 guys doing this! Hahaha, thank you MR A. and MR. Y! Alan told me he didn’t sleep e whole night to finish it. Awww.