The Sartorialist

(Noun)  Sartorialist:

-a person who practices or is interested in sartorialism

(Noun) Sartorialism:

-an interest in matters of or relating to the tailoring of clothing

Runway fashion on streets. On ordinary people from all walks of life. Please take note that the photos you’re gg to see later are not taken from a catalogue magazine, is actually random photos of random well-dressed people on the streets the photographer (Scott Schuman) snapped. Basically european places like milan, france, italy, london but there’s also NYC frm USA once in awhile. 🙂


Love the beady vest, and the chunky necklace! And not to mention, her thigh muscles. SORRY la, can’t help but notice it! I bet she trained them while walking around in 4inches tall heels/oxfords/stilettos everyday. Not tt I know her.


This is what I call, effortless beauty. (even the background also look so nice la! look, the leaves are changing colour, cos it’s autumn! awww. my favourite season, I always think autumn is oh-so-romantic pls!)


I love people who can carry off cuffed jeans. And I just love this entire combination e lady has put tgt.


Even the uncles over there can dress nicely! Check out the cute loafers pls! And the way the sleeves were carelessly folded.


Even the ah gong and ah ma over there can dress really well! Check out the ah-ma’s belt. Notice how it’s not placed at the original boring position? Its to the side, and yes, cuffed jeans, yet again! And the ah-gong’s scarf and sweater and a small peak of the long sleeves he is wearing underneath.

How I wish Singapore can give us the luxury of layering ourselves up without sweating like a pig.

But, Singaporeans seriously still can dress up ok. I know flipflops, fbt and singlets are goddamn comfortable (i lurrrrrve them) but… there are so much more to wear and explore than that! Oh, how I wish I can go to such places. Teehee. And layer myself up like a kueh lapis!

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