An update on my foot. Dont wish to bore u all, so click only when interested.

I went for an x-ray today at the polyclinic near my place. Gawd. You gotta love/hate this place sometimes. I spend my ENTIRE morning and a bit of early noon there, uh-huh. entire morning. no joke. I reached my house like around 1-ish pm?! but my fees for my consultation and x-ray was only er, around 18bucks? Yep. B had to leave at 1030am (I asked him to, cos I can see he feel tt he needs to stay to ensure i’m ok, but I knw if he skips any more lesson his grades will suffer, so I asked him to go) and I was alone over there. Limping here and there, to e consultation rm, to where i took my x-ray, back to consultation rm, and yea, you get the picture. I’ve no idea, but ppl were staring at me. Like staring ok. Why, never see ppl who limps come to polyclinic alone meh?

Anyway the doctor gave me a really huge scare today. When I walked into the room, the first thing he told me was,

“You’ve a broken bone”

And I’m like,

“Are you serious?”

So he go on saying how I need a cast blahblahblah and referred me to a specialist near JP for the cast to be done. But I kinda switched off cos in my mind all I could think about was.. how about my work? Manpower? Short of staff!!! No joke, normally a cast needs around like months beofre you can take it off ok. Although the doctor told me I prolly need around 3-4weeks, I don’t think so lor. Hearing how a hairline fracture will need around e same time, I don’t think a fracture along the bone under my  toe is going to take just that period of time to recover.

(anyway, the doctor made a mistake in his choice of words. its fracture la deh, not broken! its still serious, but fracture just sound so much better than broken right?!)

The initial plan was to go and have my cast done tomorrow. Yes, note that e keyword over here is initial. Which means, the plan is scratched. Why? Cause apparently, my mum know this sinseh from Malaysia who can treat broken bones (no joke. my cousin’s foot was being treated by him and initially the doctor suggested operation but well, this sinseh make her bones heal within 2 mths) and she wants me to see him instead. (I was a lil skeptical, i mean, is he really that good?)

Cause apparently when you’re doing the cast, the plaster is very hot. Vertified by alot of my other relatives who get their cast done before. And, well, one of my relative even has scars left on his leg ok. Yes, cos of a cast! And.. apparently, my cousin (same one i mentioned) told me a cast doesnt mean full recovery. And I’m like, again,

“Are you serious?”

And she went.

“Er. Ya..”

And she was saying the sinseh from Malaysia is really, really good, he knows what he’s doing and she suggested to at least let him have a look first before deciding.

So I did. (Partly cause my mum hate the idea of the cast and also I’m willing to try anything tt can make me heal faster) My ah-gu arranged an appointment with him and he came dwn from M’sia and reached only like, 1215am. He press here and there abit, did a lil massage for my foot (eh, it was quite shiok) and he’s able to tell me what’s wrong inside ok! And, it’s really the same thing what the doctor in the polyclinic told me ok! Just that, this sinseh used the correct vocab. haha!

Can’t help but be a lil amazed by him.

If he really can make my foot heal w/o a cast, with just pills and some herbs. Phwoar. He will be a 神医 in my eyes. I’m serious. He will be coming back on saturday to change my dressing. He told me it will need prolly a mth to recover but then he secretly told my mum tt it will prolly take shorter than a mth, but my mum told me la! haaha so it isnt a secret anymore. I do hope so. 3weeks? I will be v happy already. Sigh. It’s back to sitting-on-the-chair-with-foot-wrapped-in-plastic-bag when bathing again. And I need to abstain frm chicken and eggs from now on till it heals, so no kfc, and no cakes. bummer.