Now, girls, who wants SHOPPING?!



A friend of mine just opened a blog shop! (tsk, young ladyboss eh!) And so, I pop by the website and am pleasantly surprised to see a very mix range of clothing just in her first collection. From dresses, to skirts to vest and tees. You name it, she got it! Here are a few of my favs in her shop.


Scallop skirt! Seems like scallop anythingΒ  is the hot stuff right now. Pair it with a tank top and you’re good to go! Frm school, to out having fun, this is definitely one keeper. But I’m looking for my brown/cream scallop shorts. 😦 My friend promised to look out for me on her next thailand trip! πŸ˜€


Feeling lazy to dress up but dont want to look too cui when gg out? Haha, my secret weapon is a romper. OH pls, dont even need to think lor! Take it frm ur wardrobe, wear it, grab your bag and you can go. Besides, a romper always makes one look cuter, dont you think? I do think so!


For ppl going for e edgier look. Or simply you just wanna hide your fats on a im-feeling-fat day. A tee doesnt just brings u to sch, pair the tee with a smart jacket on the outisde and you can strut ur stuff dwn orchard road. Big tees are esp good for ppl like me. Cos i have the alternative of wearing it as a one piece. hello! god is fair! make me so short cfm got some advantage one right?!


My fav!!! πŸ™‚ tie-dye body con dress. weeee. I know its gg to be too long, but its ok, I can always alter it just like what I always do w my clothes. haha! I can wear it like this or as a tube dress; just tuck e straps in and viola! πŸ™‚ I’ve ordered it and my friend gonna post it tml. woo! exciting! new clothes! πŸ˜€

But wait!

A special promotion is gg on in allyaubreys right now. The thoughtful owner has came up with this gift-wrap thing for her debut collection. Sooooo. If you wanna give a surprise to your girlfriend or BFF, just leave in the comment that u wished for it to be gift-wrapped, it will be done so! Complete with a gift tag. How sweet!


Next collection is gonna be up somewhere next week, with rings and all the accessories that we girls love to dump our money on. So be sure to join the mailing list eh!


Click click and show my friend some love! πŸ™‚

ps: no, the model isn’t the owner! hahaha!