When my foot recovers

2nd week into staying at home and I miss my freedom like anything. I wanna make myself feel better so I’m gg to make a list of to-dos when my foot heals!

  1. I can go for my pilates, bodysculpt and kickboxing! Sigh. I missed super alot of classes already. My money all flyflyfly away. 😦
  2. I’m gg to go shopping, doesn’t matter where. But I wanna shop.
  3. Sun-tanning and swimming with my skinnies.
  4. Going to go for my like, super belated bday treat frm my sister, Sushi Tei!
  5. Going to meet vanessa for my as well super belated bday meet-up.
  6. Go to BooksCafe again! I miss that place!
  7. Go manicure with mingzhen on a thurday. Woohoo! And prolly need to accompany her to watch New Moon for the 12563562 times if the movie is up to her standard. haha.
  8. Going to makan good food from all over Singapore with Y.A.K!
  9. Grab and kiss all my babies from work! 🙂
  10. Mai pian xia with gloria and tingting.
  11. Going with with baby, doesn’t matter where, we can finally meet outside the premises of my house!
  12. Picnic  with IJKZ!
  13. Soupspoon with jean tay, we’re gonna try everything there!

Many things to keep me occupied. So right now, think happy thoughts and try to concentrate on getting well!