And it just feels so right sometimes


And so, baby is going to leave for Japan tomorrow, I feel sorry for not being able to accompany him to the airport or to help him get the things ready for his trip. He can be such a scatterbrain, forgetting things here and there. Not being able to spend more time with him as well. But oh wells, perhaps its a good time for both of us to use this time to miss each other more? 🙂

But he popped by just now, along with 2 packets of Calbee (his evil plan to make me fat) and a cup of pearly soya. (I tweeted about it via tweetSG, but it didnt show up. oh wells) and I was touched by this simple gesture of his. When I hugged him he was all sweaty and I think for the first time in our relationship, I hugged him tightly despite the sweat. I swear, it’s true. He didnt stay for long, just pass me the stuff, a few hugs and kisses later he’s gone to finish getting e stuff he needs for the trip. Oh yes, he took a hideous picture of me before he left btw and I was absolutely horrified.  He asked me not to surprise him when he come back after 11 days as well. Haha! Not like I can go out and “hook up” some guy right. Tsk.

Am going to miss him. Thats for sure. Even though sometimes I seriously just can’t stand him with his stupid repetitive lame jokes but am going to miss that gentle bear. Oh yes, he is getting fatter day by day, you know? But I’m sure 11 days will pass by quickly and hopefully, by the time he comes back, I’ve recovered and I will be free to roammmmmm man.

I promised to post a picture of me everyday for him so people, be prepared to see just pictures entry of my face. I’m sorry if you ain’t a big fan of me. Too bad. And it reminded us of the time when he was in Australia, we always looked forward to the emails we sent each other everyday. Those were e days eh, baby? 🙂

Take good care of yourself, have fun and stay safe alright honeybuns. ♥ you. I will see you in 11 days. 🙂