its the last week of october and can you believe it, 2 more months and we will be ushering in 2010. goodness. time just wheeze past me for this year, well at least for the later half of 2009. i am still waiting for a right time to say an impt news to my friends and those who already known just keep quiet for e time being ya. the time isn’t ripe. haha!

xmas is coming. oh boy. the season of joy and love! 🙂 think the nxt 2 months is gg to pass by superquicklyandbeforeyouknowit its 2010!!!!! shall start making new yr resolutions and am going to scout for a new organiser! one of my fav thing to do when a new yr is coming. find the most gorgeous looking organiser. and yes, i like to look for it myself. hmmm. wonder HK has such organisers.

mingzhen, have anot?! since TW and HK is like your 2nd and 3rd home. haha!

and some of my loved ones bday are in e last quarter of e year. like my dearest sister who loves me despite manipulating her around and my dear boyfriend. i smell my cash ka-chinging away!