xoxo, gossipgirl


as much as i LOVE this show, i would categorise this under bad influences for children/young adults.

i mean, seriously. just check out how fast they switch boyfriends and girlfriends!

I believe each main lead inside has got at least like, 4 partners over the show? And don’t mention Chuck Bass. He change a partner every night. And by partner, I mean by just the physical intimacy. Basstard. haha!

They break up over the smallest, slightest thing. They do not try to talk about how to solve the issue (well, at least I feel serena and dan humphrey tried, but still, having crushes and sex with other ppl while you’re still in a r.ship isnt right) and once there is even the slightest shift in things the next thing you knw your (ex)bf 5mins ago is kissing another girl and you guys are history.

Upper east siders’ lifes are sooooo complicated.

If people are as reckless as the people in this show when it comes to love, i think the world is gg to be even more complicated than it is. well, perhaps there’re ppl out there who loves like this. i.e thinks everything is gg to work out perfectly well, don’t bother to solve the issue when there is one. you either chuck it away, ignored it, or you break up with e person and hook up with another one. no biggie.

But that is one very immature way of loving, isn’t it?

But then again, it’s a show. hahaha. And its all these drama that makes the show v interesting! I think out of all the men in GG, my fav is Rufus Humphrey. I’m serious. He is mature, when he talks, at least it makes sense. He respects people, teaches his children to do the right stuff, not to mention, a very loving man to Lily and he can play the guitar to boot. Whats there not to love?

Of course, when it comes to looks, who can win Chace Crawford? haha!

Oh, I am blabbering. I just need to get all these thoughts out of my system, out of the way, so I can enjoy my last 5 episodes in peace. Just unrealistic love, people.