She's one mean cook


Do you know?

My mum can really cook!

She can cook like, practically everything. I’m serious! From simple home fare to western cuisine to crabs and all. You name it, she cook it! In fact, she loves it when my sis and I start telling her what we wanna have for dinner. Cos it saves her e trouble of thinking the menu for tml.

Some of my fav dishes are (not in any particular order)

  1. Butter/Black pepper crabs!
  2. the special chicken wings- best in da townnn people. I swear!
  3. Prawn and spare rib mee
  4. cheese and ham pork cutlet
  5. Black bean spare ribs
  6. Hokkien mee
  7. Chicken curry
  8. Bak kut teh
  9. e special new yr dish- a pot of vege with duck meat and roast meat inside. WHOA. DA BOMB.
  10. asam fish
  11. and manymany…..

seriously, too many to name! and my mum can always come up with new dish. cause if we eat outside and tt particular dish is something nice right, we’ll ask our mum to try it and she can roughly guess the ingredients used for it. Smart or what?! I think I need to pick some skills from her man.

Oh, not to mention, she can cook all kind and all sort of soup! Loveeeee it!