Jellie boots and green eyes


I must say, one of my favourite past time, is to bury myself into the plots of a good book, all curled up on a huge, plushy sofa in a cosy little cafe, with a cup of mocha or hot chocolate as my companion. When I want to take a break, I will people watch or write in my journal (everything in there, is written in chinese. uh huh.) and just let the hours glide pass me. I will daze a lil or daydream about my next vacation as well. I might even doze off if the environment is really comfy. Sometimes I will buy a sandwich or a pastry cos I’m hungry after hours and hours of stoning/reading/people watching/dreaming.

But.. bah. I can’t do it now, can I. 😦 All stuck at home for the past three weeks and yes, even though I know I should concentrate on healing and appreciate this break but sometimes, just sometimes, I can’t help but think of all the things I can do if I’m outside. Meh.

Think I will just have to make do with my messy but yet unbelievably comfy bed, w my smelly tee and Lisa Ono playing in the background. God, I would kill for a ice blended mocha with no whip cream right now. Oh yes, with my Harry Potter. I’m halfway through the 3rd book. Even though I know whats the story ending going to be like, it’s just so fun to re-read them agn to catch up on all the other details that you missed out on previously!