Love Test


If only there is a test in this world, to know that you’re in love..

Amanda was tweeting earlier on in the morning, how do you really know that you’re in love and the person you love, loves you back as well?

So we then begin to discuss on foolproof ways of how to know you’re in love.

Manda suggested that someone should invent this blood test whereby you will know e answer judging from the test results. Positive means you’re in love. Negative means you’re not. Something like HIV test, come to think of it. Haha!

Then I had this crazy idea of a love kit. Like pregnancy test kit la! 2 lines means positive means you’re in love. But of course, if I were to invent that, I will make it pink and white, and it won’t be 2 lines for the positive sign, it will be a heart shape! Awwwww. Congratulations, you’re pregnant in love!

Hahaha! Who knows, maybe some day, someone will invent it. It doesnt seems all that impossible, since pregnancy kit tests for the pregnancy hormone in your urine. We secete hormones when we’re in love as well right? So it’s basically the same logic just that we’re testing for different things. But to make love into such a science thingy.. seems to be robbing it of its beauty as well.

But a love kit will be da bomb. Can do it secretly in the toilet also. Hahaha! No one needs to know! And no need for syringes. I hate needles, yucks! Then wanna double reconfirm, after the love kit shows positive, go for a blood test in the hospital! Hahahahah!