and it seems like yesterday;

I was happily eating my raisins while typing an email when a sudden thought strucks me.

I am 21 this year.

Which means I have around 7-9 years before I get married and have kids.. and become a mummy.

wtf man. *panic attack* i left so little years to have fun and enjoy my life?! ok, this is effing scary pls people. just think about it, it seems just like yesterday when you’re still donning your ugly sch uniform, walking along the corridors of the classroom, laughing and screaming like only some crazy kids will do, checking out cute guys in the sports team. with no care in e world except for your O lvls(oh god, O lvls. brings back such nasty memories!) going for a stayover in chalet seems to be the coolest thing to do on planet earth. in poly/jc, being swamped by projects and exams, and just being a lil serious and paranoid about your future, talking about where you wanna go what you wanna do after you graduate with your friends. feeling apprehensive abt the steps that you’re gg to take. (super) late night hangings started around this timing as well and its also e time where most of your friends, it seems, to start getting attached.

seriously, where has all the time gone to?! HELLO, it seems like ytd when I was in the science lab in my sec sch listening to the interesting facts of biology and physics (no chemistry. i hate chemistry!) and when i went for the orientation at Ngee Ann. mugging like crazy ppl over our IEP, and our field practicum!

wah biang, i seriously having major panic attack right now. PLEASE GIVE ME MORE TIME!!!!!!

but then again, tts just a gauge la. who knows, i won’t get married till i’m 35 or something.