I smell freedom


My foot is 80% recovered (i doubt e rest of e 20% is gg to come anytime soon, seems like a perm thing to me) except for the nagging pain when I still walked. Its bearable but definitely uncomfortable. Seems like your body won’t really recover to its orginial state once you broke something inside you. Sigh, and i’m only 21yrs old. RAR. I have a body of a 6o pls.

But I’m excited in stepping out of the house, meeting my friends again! Go and catch a movie; i’ve so many movies tt i watch see! Sister’s keeper, Coraline, 2012! And of course, my Hongkong trip at end of this month. Have no idea how am I going to manage walking around with a half-assed foot but lets just play by ear.

Seems like time has stop for me when I’m cooped up in the house but it didn’t! December is coming soon and I can so smell Christmas in the air. I was having my breakfast just now when I was thinking of all the handmade gifts I can give to my love ones. 🙂 EXCITEDDDD!

And I’ve just started learning how to zhng my stuff and am doing quite an awful job at it actually. I think I’m gg to go and get a new kind of glue cos the glue don’t seems to stick! YES! Even after a night, if I itchy fingers go and poke the blings, it definitely can still move! But if I don’t go touch it, it will be fine la. Will go and get a new one before I continue to zhng my stuff. Can’t wait for my crystals to arrive from the spree as well!