Moolahs all flying away

Whoever think that you can save money by staying at home is obviously a man.

Or a woman who couldn’t care less about shopping!

I spent over 200$ just over these 5 weeks ok! SCARY OR WHAT?! RAR. And 80bucks of them is on the blings that I’ve asked amanda (can’t go out shopping? then bring the shopping to you with e help of a friend! haha!) and the ones that I’ve spree-ed previously. My oh myyyyyyyyyyyyy. (but I still think its a good buy! Am going to buy a new stick of glue when I’m out and I will go and zhng lots of stuff!)

The rest are all on clothes.

I need to buy a saving plan already. Serious.

Check out the clothes that I bought over the few weeks!



Both from Bonitochico. I’m sure this website don’t need more advertisement. A black blazer for my business woman day and a sweet frock for a girls night out for dimsum or hi-tea! πŸ˜€ Oh, the blazer is a backorder, so amanda and I still waiting for its arrival!


Pink chiffon top from Runwaydiva. Best for a casual day out with shorts!


Ofcos, this tie dye bodycon dress which amanda love kindly helped me send for alteration near her house! πŸ™‚ but i kinda look like a whale in it. I swear I gained at least 3kg over these 5 weeks. I. swear.


Zippy tube dress! So cute eh? πŸ™‚ But I think this is another dress to torture me lor. Damn it looks so small. I can’t wear this for buffet, thats for sure. haha!


and this sweet piece! awww I love anything that has repeated prints. I can wear this to HK as well! am going to ask joey to help me collect this from bugis. save on my postage money! hahaha!