Stuff from Japan

Uh huh!

The boy is back from Japan!

And he got me lots of goodies back, awwww, all just for me! 🙂

Oh but I do think his trip is quite disastrous. His handphone dropped into a toilet bowl, and the skin on his inner lip got torn by eating a cold ice cream! Ewwwww. And now he is sporting an ulcer on his upper lip. Funny thing is, I’ve gt an ulcer on the exact same spot on my lip as well. Just that mine was from eating too much crackers.

Ok dokes! Piccccctures! (ps: sorry for the low quality. I just took it in a frenzy!)


First up! Is my fish-eye lomo camera! Well, to be honest with you, I was at a loss on what to do with it. How to stick the film in (never done that in my 21 yrs of living on planet earth!) and I have to turn the knob here and there to take the next picture, to on for flashlight and wait for the whirring/whining sound from the camera before taking.

But baby helped me with it! And I realised its bad cause for sure, if I am alone, I’m sure I will know how to figure that out myself.  But as long as he is beside me, I just kinda throw everything to him, cos he will do it for him. Tsk. Not good ah! Baby, must be firm with me! Let me learn new things! haha!

HOORAY. Now I can take lots of artsy shots when I go out! Old sch film pictures to be framed up!


Exquisite looking sweets from Japan! I always am fascinated by the fine workmanship of the desserts and sweets the Japanese create. Check out the sweets! It came in a bento set!


But first, let me introduce you to the mochi that’s in the packaging on the right side. It seems to be shining with glitter though. And the red bean paste taste strangely like peanut! But overall, its good even tho its a tad sweet imo. Chewwwwy!


Check out the sweeeets! Awwww. I can’t bear to eat it leh. Hahaha!


He has a bag filled with hello kitty stuff for me! I seriously think I will go crazy and broke in Japan. So I don’t think its advisable for me to go that country for a holiday. haha!



Some of the items in the bag. I was telling baby that the green pouch is best to put sanitary pads! Hahaha! Don’t you agree? The right size somemore its so cute! A disarming cute looking pouch for pads. hahaha.


And this is all my kitty loots! I was telling baby he buy me so many stuff but yet he didn’t buy the one item I asked him to get for me. Those pouch with a zip in the middle. Best for keeping useless small items that I have in my bag. Hahaha, if he buy that for me he wouldn’t need to buy so many of these! A pencil case (from Daiso. I see it I’m like, you buy from Daiso ah?! hahahah!) a hankerchief (no idea when will I use that) a towel, pouch and the red bag I can only think of putting my dirty clothes when I go gym.


Oooh. Something from Uniqlo! 🙂


A pink shawl! Which is perfect when I go Hongkong. The shawl is real comfy can and I know the colour in the picture looks real shitty but its a really sweet shade of pink! Believe it or not, this is my fav item out of all the stuff baby got for me from Japan. (momo not inclusive, cos I’m paying half for it! haha!)

Thank you baby for everything! 😀