Le Sighhhhh.

I absolutely adoreee beaches. Many of you will know that for travel trips, I’m a sucker for finding beautiful beach, and best if its secluded, to just go there and laze around in the sand, just not thinking about anything and just enjoy Mother Nature, babey.

There is just something healing about a beach. I don’t know, its like it just sort of make you forget whatever that’s troubling you and you will just take this time to appreciate the beauty of it. Every single cell of your body just relaxes and you can’t help but just go “ahhhhhhh” inside your head.

Right there and then, Life is Perfect.

The above collage contains pictures from Kuta Beach of Bali, and White Sands beach from Boracay Philippines. Earlier this yr on, I nearly went to White Sands beach but then I didn’t but instead, I went to Perhentian instead. I stayed on a sleepy little island and fell madly in love with it and I often find myself thinking about it every now and then.

I often envision myself retiring and living on a little hut located on a secluded beach with a hot guy of my own. hahaha! I will sport a healthy glow and taut bod from the sun and from swimming in the ocean. I will get drunk on stars at night and I will play music of every genre just to suit my mood for the day. That hot guy of mine should be able to cook and therefore we will always dine by the sea, on the little wooden table and bench that we’ve made from driftwood. We can binge on seafood! We will slow dance into the night and he will hold me tight… ok that’s just a bit too far fetched. But, its always good to dream isn’t it? That’s by the way, my ideal date. I’m serious. Haha!

I want a beach holiday for next year! I need one!