Back to work

So today marks the first day of Aunty W returning back to work after such a long break! Some of the teachers were very surprised to see me back at work today, esp teacher sharon. It feels good yknow, to know that you’re being missed by people when you’re not around. And although the teacher and I are just merely acquaintances who meet once a week, this simple act of kindness still warms you from within.

And ofcos, how to forget, my babies?!

AIYOH! It’s been a longggggg time since I’m back at NCS and my babies are.. growing! Some of the quieter ones aren’t that quiet anymore, they are contributing to class discussions, most of them have certainly grew much taller, and for those who have phobias in doing certain rolls have overcome all of that! Awww, my children, they are indeed learning and growing! Haha, but baby still seems as tiny as ever.

And my loverboy in that centre, hee. He loves me still! Awwwwww.

Altho the going back journey was a bitch with the crowded train and with aching feet/legs/knees/muscles/joints, I still quite enjoy today. Because of all my children ofcos! 🙂 Now now, I really need to visit my loverboy at AMK soon, he has been telling my staff that he loves no one except me! HEHEHEHE. maybe when I’m back frm HongKong! LOVES.