Old bones

So, I’m supposedly recovered from my fractured foot right?

But I think, once you fractured/broken something in your body, it’s difficult for it fully recover already. It’s already weaken and for some goddamn reason, it just won’t recover to the full 100%. Sad but true. I’m one living example of it ok! My foot still hurts when I walk but it’s the forgettable kinda of pain. It’s bearable to a certain extent and you’ll only suddenly remember its there when out of nowhere, there’s a sharp acute pain there.

And like my knee?

That one another gone case, my knee has gotta be the weakest part in my body right now. I can’t bend or squat with ease like how normal youngsters should. It’s pretty terrible actually. I’ve seen the doctor twice for him to move the bones back to the original position but the doctor himself told me that once I’ve injured there the chances of it moving out of place again is supremely high and true enough, it is.

And this is what I call, half-assed. Grrrr.

It’s not entirely cui till it can’t function but it can’t function to the maximum. Half-assed.