turn off the lights!


No, I’m not trying to burn her!

This is a random photo that I took a few days ago while playing Pet society. Uh huh, I’ve been entertaining myself with this game yet again while I was hse ridden for e past weeks! Thats how pinkko looks like now anyway, obviously she has many nicer outfits but it just so happens that she’s wearing this old sweater.

Besides, its Fall over there in USA, a sweater seems more apt for the season.

Oh oh, anyway now P.S has like all these new items and some of e more interesting ones are glow in the dark items. Buy a switch, turn off e lights, and see how the furniture glowssss! Like this fireplace of mine! Her house super nice lor, got beach, got mermaid themed toilet with jacuzzi, and outdoor campsite! Hahaha. I got back to playing cos of Halloween actually, the items and clothes were really quite cuteeee. Now I’m interested to find out what they had in stall for X’mas. I even got the X’mas tree out frm last yr in the living room!

hahahah, so boliao right. rah.