Missing Quota

When you know a person, and you enjoy your time with him or her, naturally, when you don’t get to see them, you will start missing them. But very naturally, as you miss the person, suddenly one fine day, you just stop missing. Like the person is out of your life, but obviously they’re not, it just seems that way.

I think inside me, I have a missing quota for each of my friend that I know. And that missing quota is refilled by my loved ones’ actions and words to me and the time we spent tgt. However, if the tim we spent tgt is lesser, that “missing” done by me is gradually used up until ultimately, there isn’t anything left for me to miss anymore.

Thats why the more time you spend with someone (enjoyable time, that is!), the harder it is to get them out of your head, because there are soooo many memories for you to chose from to reminisce about the good old times.

I think it makes perfect sense to me. haha! Ok, you might think I’m rambling though.