I was super excited when I went to collect my lomofisheye camera’s pictures but then my mood took a supremely fast nosedive after I received it. Out of 38 pictures, only 12 were developed. The rest? I’ve no fucking idea what happened to it but my guess was it was exposed since the film had like, dark patches all over.

And out of the 12 photos, only 4 turned out well (i.e no hints of mild exposure etc). ALL the pictures that I took prior, my sis’s surprise party, the pictures at The Peak, Women’s Street, Stars Avenue, random scenery along HongKong’s streets were all gone. And I was actually counting on those pictures cos I didn’t get to snap any good pictures of the nightview cos my digi camera was real shitty.

Now I can’t get to do my travel journal with my fisheye camera pictures. Instead, I’ve to make do with ugly digital ones instead. Yes, to say I’m pissed is an understatement. Fucking sian la. Totally no mood. Now I just got this urge to throw the remaining 4 away cos whats the point? Might as well just throw everything away. Stupid.