Art of Bento Making

So I was minding my own business, doing random surfing when I decided to just go and goggle for some Marie the Aristocat pictures. (I love that cat!) And I found this picture.

I squealed when I saw this picture la! A MARIE BENTO! OMGODDDDD! Check out the detailsssss! Awwww. A ham ribbon! hahaha! And her beautiful eyes!!!!!

Which leads me to this dedicated mum’s blog, and inside it, are all pictures of her bentos she made for her children. I went gaga over all her bentos because it just too god damn cute! In fact, too cute to be eaten!

Mickey & Minnie! Awww, it’s just a simple sandwich bento leh! But can see this mummy really puts in alot of effort just for her kids right?!

And even Winnie the Pooh and friends!

*guffaws* check out the cute hotdog bento!

And a snowman bento for the Chirstmas season! Pls check out the cute little snowman. Supreme cuteness pls.


I think her kids are really lucky to have their mum putting in so much effort in their meals, just to make it nice and interesting for them. Just to entice them! haha! I think this is also definitely a good way to encourage children to finish their food as well, esp food that they don’t like! This is simply too cute!!!!

Click on the link above to get to this wonderful mum’s blog! 🙂