Finally, I’ve start the ball rolling for my holiday blogposts!


Now, this hotel that I’ve stayed in Macau was the bomb. It’s a 5/6 stars hotel and I think it’s my first time staying at such a high end place. From the exterior to the interior of the place, there are a few words that spring into my mind immediately, and they are,

Grand. Posh. Luxurious.

I seriously feel like I’m on a holiday when I’m over there you know! The room itself is one big seller already; with the kingsize bed and the huge toilet that’s half the size of my living room!

Lets show you more pictures!

The kingsize bed that I oh-so-lurve with soooooft pillows and a super thick cover. I just feel so cozy snuggling up close to baby at night, after our midnight snack (erhem. Mcdonalds is everywhere!) while watching the taiwan variety programmes. A total of 6 pillows with 1 bolster. Awesomeness.

They provide bathrobes and slippers of high quality ok! It’s so nice that ALL of us packed it back to HongKong cos the one that they provide at the hotel (we stayed 1 night at HK then 2 nights at Macau, so we knw!) is atrocious! Super lousy and slippery! Hahaha. Baby even brought it all e way home, back to Singapore!

Ridiculously big bathroom. The length is ard half of my living room while the width is larger than it! So, it really big! A shower stand, a bathtub, 2 sinks, an enclosed area which is e toilet area PLUS a dressing table. You have no idea how happy I was to see that, complete with a hairdryer and a magnifying mirror at e side.

I walked out of the toilet and announced to my roomies,

“Ok ah, that dressing table is MINE.”

Then I dug out my stuff and line them up nicely on the table. Bwahahaha.


That’s Marcus, Joey’s godma’s son which makes him his younger brother. He’s only 12 this yr and I knw him since he was 9. Damn, he used to be shorter than me and now he’s taller. =_= I think in years to come he’s going to be as tall as baby.

Some pictures I took along the way. I’m sure most of you know that the interior of Venetian’s hotels are made to look like the streets at Venice and even though I’m 21 years old and I know that it’s all just a facade, I can’t help but marvel at the sheer beauty of it. It sure looks damn real to me la!

Like what Mingzhen said, I’m breathing the air that Goo Jun Pyo used to breathe in!


Anyway, high arches and pillars are very common and everywhere we turned, it’s there! B told me that these 2 features are very commonly found in grand architectures. He told me they should try to design a building with very simple sleek lines yet giving off a very grand feel. V interesting comment he had made but sorry ah, I don’t knw anything artsy to carry on that conversation. hahahaha.  Oil(?) paintings are on the ceilings and it seems to me that every picture is different. Are they Gods&Goddess in Greek mythology? Even if it repeats I won’t notice it, simply too many to memories every single one!

This might be the bridge Goo Joon Pyo meet that girl! Hahaha shit, forget her name. Apparently she is not very important to me. 😀 The fake blue sky is a very good strategy I told baby cos it gives ppl the feeling that it’s still early to return back to the room and they will continue their shopping which helps them gain more revenue. Smart right.

Joey’s parents! 🙂 Sho shweet leh. Nxt yr is going to be 25th yrs anniversary and Uncle is going to bring Auntie to Shanghai la! Aww. Initially they’re gg to GoldCoast but the flight is a tad too long for their liking. 10 hrs!

Do you know, everyday, after the shopping centre’s operation hours, there will be workers going down the river to clear anything that wasn’t supposed to be in the “river”?

Sigh, even the public toilet has to be soooooo nice. Heavy oak doors for the toilets ok. Mirrors with gold trimmings, floral wallpaper with vintage lamps hanging on the walls. Seriously! I can stay inside and cam whore till no day no night, but I can’t, cos the roomies are waiting outside for me. haha!

1st morning at Macau, this is the view from my room’s window. Casinos are everywhere over at Macau. Like every 5 steps or so there will be one. Haha, ok, I might be exaggerating a lil. But when we were there, I saw at least 3 more Hotels/Casinos building in progress.

Uber pretty and cute Hello Kitty blinged gadgets but seriously, ain’t worth the money. And its authentic with the Sanrio sticker so you can just imagine how expensive it is ok?!

This is the main lobby. As I was up early that day, I took a walk and explore the grounds on my own and I saw tv crews setting up their stuff! But they were all indians and I don’t recognise any of them (not a big fan of bollywood). Aiyah, why no Korean/HK/Hollywood stars?! Hahahah! Or even better, HUGH JACKMAN! WOOHOOOOO!

Walk a little further up and it will be the Casino. From this picture, the casino is just right in front of me! Nope, I didn’t gamble while I’m over there. It’s filled w 2nd hand smoke and I get super cranky with so much smoke around me, just don’t see why I should suffer.

There’s a GIGANTIC Christmas tree somewhere deep within the shopping centre and of course we have to take a picture with it! I’ve always loved Christmas trees! 🙂

Taken by baby. Me likey!

Blogging about this just make me miss the hotel even more! Seriously, the hotel is so nice that I’m willing to just fly there and stay in the hotel kind. It’s that good. Of course I’ve alot more other photos on the hotel itself. Everything is uploaded to my facebook so just pop by over to take a look! 🙂