On The Go!

Another travel post. Yeah, 3 cheers for the lazy me! 🙂

Ok, I ain’t that lazy today. I cleared half of my rubbish away despite my headache, wiped every bloody single thing that I’m keeping, the shelves of my cupboard till its sparkling but I shall leave this to another post. I was actually feeling quite nostalgic while spring cleaning. Lots of memories.


Pictures up there were mainly checking in, in e airplane itself and the first few mins after touch dwn at HK. WHOA. I tell you, my flight to HK was really, really horrible. I was sitting alone, away w e rest, and it must be my lucky day because I was like, stuck in between rows of ah tiongs. If you know what I mean. Goodness. They talked like they’ve 4 lungs or something, they don’t heed the safety instructions from the crew on board, they suka suka then stand up (when e plan is taking off, mind you!), or best, be super kiasu and try to take their luggage first before the plane stop moving. I was telling to myself, if that dude let his luggage fall on me he is SO dead.And they really are good at shoving and pushing people! I was telling Joey if there’s like an accident, I’ll be squashed to death by them, for sure.

And seems like I wasn’t the only one with such an unfortunate encounter, joey’s mum and god-ma were complaining about it as well. horrible!

Anyway, I get to watch 500 Days with Summer, which is a really nice film! Me likey! Not the usual sappy love story you will usually find. 🙂

Clear Blue Sky. Oh what a preetae sight! 🙂

When I was in the coach and watching the buildings zoomed past me, I kept telling Joey that I felt I’m still in Singapore. The busy roads, the high-rishe buildings, all remind me of the place I lived in! Just check this picture out, totally HDBish looking isn’t it!

I really love how the sunlight falls on the shop front of Bossini’s on this picture.

The streets in HK were forever congested and even when its on a weekday, throngs and throngs of people will be walking up and down the streets like it was a friday or something. Vehicles will just be parked on the sides and honking can be commonly heard as well. When you’re in HK, don’t expect a getaway retreat, instead, prepare to arm yourself with shopping bags and a whole load of gusto to push your way through the crowd. Hongkies aren’t exactly really poite people when it comes to walking on the streets. Or rather, I would say thats their style. Expect some pushing and shoving instead of a “excuse me, sorry”. I was really tired over the past few days spent in HK actually. Everyday just feel like I’m going on a battlefield. And to think I come from a small city as well! Don’t knw hw those countryside ppl survive then.

Buildings are dirty and old on the outside but that’s because, washing of the buildings, or repainting of them actually require the residents of that particular block to pay a lump sum for the workers! Yes, that’s right! The govt there don’t have regular washing and painting jobs for the buildings they built thus the rundown look on them! This lil piece of info is what I get frm the tour guide. She said if they r required to pay, naturally they would rather pay for their own apartment interior design or decoration right? What for pay for something that doesnt belong to them wholly?

Joey knocked somebody up.