The Princess and The Frog

I just caught the movie this afternoon! It’s been been quite a while since Disney released such 2D cartoon isn’t it! I love old school cartoons like such. Actually after watching the movie, I’ve some thoughts about the movie. And this post is totally inspired by my rambings on my twitter!

I just find this movie, a bit racist, don’t you think?

Of course, it isn’t nothing thats very drastic or it show a certain race in a very bad light or things like that. No, it isn’t. It’s just very subtle small stuff which (still) caught my attention because it’s actually quite hard to ignore. I know Tiana, the supposedly “Princess” for the show is black, and that’s actually quite different from the most Disney Princess, right? Since all the other princess are white, except for Mulan and Jasmine.

No. She isn’t exactly a princess, she’s a waitress who’s holding 2 jobs per day so she can saved up for her (and her dad’s) dream restaurant. Her mum is a seamstress, and her dad, before he passed away, hold this routine shift job, and sometimes he even worked 2-3 shifts per day to earn the family’s keep! Very obviously, Tiana’s home is set in the poorer area with shabby looking houses and a small porch, and surprise surprise, there’s no white living in that area! Or at least, I don’t see any!

While the whites, at least, the fat guy with wads of cash inside his pocket, live in a HUGEE mansion with a super spoilt daughter. Buy her puppy la, whatever she wants la, ask Tiana’s mum to sew all kind of gowns for her la, when she has like, TONS of them. You know, the setting they used, is totally very biased I feel. But then again, there’s alot of angmoh movies out there which is biased. Who normally act as the scheming conniving sidekick? Asian la, who else! See Batman? And some others I’m sure, just that I can only think of Batman right now.

Of course, then again, thats just how I felt la.