Hello, lovelies! How’s your Christmas this year?


That’s me wearing the new BC dress for Christmas day, I lurrrrve it! Haha, can you believe it, baby actually said I looked “pretty” today?! He never ever said that to me before lor! This dress is magic. I should wear it more often. haha!

I don’t have the habit of celebrating X’mas I think, but this year was quite well-spent! I finally get to spend it with baby, after 4 Christmases tgt, can you believe it, it’s our first time spending it TOGETHER. I was telling him, “hopefully it won’t be the last.” hahahah. You know how this kinda stuff are; jinxed. And to spend it tgt with my lovely skinnies! As for amanda’s bunch of friend, well, some is ok, some, not so ok. hahaha!

My day started off with me popping by over his place and being a Santarina by handing out the gifts for him and his family. I felt good when I received smiles from them when I gave them the presents! Then, its off to brunch at our newest favourite hide-out. An awesome meal once again. I feel loved when my tummy is well-fed! Off to Kino to get his graphic novels and a chillax session at J.CO. Well, not much of chillax cos he fell asleep while I was reading my Harry Potter. Damn uncle right?! Like specially go buy drink just to sleep on the sofa! haha!

And then off to amanda’s, for a simple home party. πŸ™‚ I’m a good girl, I totally abstain from alcohol (except when during Indian Poker, I damn suay la) ok! I drank green tea and Sprite! I know baby is proud of me. He is even prouder when I told him I pet a dog. Hahaha! Bully!