I admit, I'm getting old

Seriously, I can’t help but admit, I am getting OLD!

Gone were the days where I can stayed up all night and just chit chat with friends to pass the hour AND still have energy to go for an early breakfast AFTER making our way back to the west all the way from Pasir Ris. Man, where we get all that energy from?! Are we living on batteries on something?! We never knew what’s “tired” and all we cared about was “having fun” and “the night is still young” that kind of shit.

Oh boy.

Time has changed.

I can so feel the toll on my weakening old frail body (k la, exaggerate abit, can?) after being out for almost everyday for this week. And thinking of my plans for next week, it is still packed! Not that I want it to be empty cos hey, it’s still the festive season, we’re going to usher in a new year! And I’m so glad that amanda has already made plans for us for that day! Now, lets just recount what I have been up to for this week yea.

  • Tuesday- baby’s bday; had a late supper w his family at Holland V
  • Wednesday- watched the frog princess with the guys and some last min xmas shopping at Daiso
  • Thursday- do up ALL e xmas presents
  • Friday- CHRISTMAS! refer to my last post for e happening for that day
  • Saturday- National Museum then Avartar till 1230am
  • Sunday- Toy Museum, Sherlock Holmes, Marche then Starbucks. Not to mention yiming and I staged up a “brilliant” performance just to get alan his bday cake. goodness!