Looking back 2009

God damn it.

It’s the last day of 2009! I seriously can’t fathom how time just zoomed past us so quickly. Yesterday, I was at coffeebean, reflecting back on this past year happenings and I was thumbing through my organiser’s pages. It’s crammed with meetings, holidays at times, going out with friends and stuff like that. There’s a tough period and looking back I wonder how I overcome that. The human mind is indeed much more powerful than what you think. But anyhoos, I’m digressing.

And so, I made a list of the happenings in 2009, be it minor or major, I jotted it down for the list. And here they are!

  1. The first thing that came to my mind was Kiddz Inc. Something major happened, and this lead to a series of fortunate/unfortunate events which definitely leave me no choice but to learn and mature at a superbly high rate. I’m definitely most thankful for this wonderful opportunity and I really thank God for it.
  2. I went on 3 holiday trips, paid from my own pocket, which prolly explains why my bank account is look so unhealthy right now! Haha! I went to Redang in April, Perhentian/KL in September and Hongkong & Macau for November! Definitely a treat to myself once in awhile. And I love this kind of pampering, who don’t?!
  3. Ok, I wouldn’t really say like this is a good thing, but I fractured my bone this year. In early of October till Mid Nov and to be honest with you, I was bored to the core staying at home and doing nothing but read books and watched videos all day. Yes, it’s nice to recharge for the 1st week or so but then it gets boring afterwards. Many thanks to my lovely friends who came over and visit me, you know who you are, and believe me, Miss Leow over here is touched ttm. 🙂
  4. I caught up with old friends from secondary school and am still keeping in contact with them. Outings with them has been fantastic! Always give my abs a great workout!
  5. Oh yes! Uber proud of myself for this, I planned a surprise party for my dear old cheche before I fly off for my trip! I can say that is one of my major surprise that I’ve ever plan in my entire 21yrs of life and haha, it’s a smashing success! What can I say, I’m definitely talented. And it makes me even happier to know that my sis is spending the day with all of her loved ones around her. That’s the important part for me.
  6. Holy. I officially turn 21 this year. I’m a legal adult with the rights to vote blahblahblah. To be honest, I don’t feel much except for the fact that we’re all growing up too fast and we’ve not taken time out to enjoy the flowers on the sidewalks, to appreciate the scenery while walking on the way home, to take the first step in doing something that you really wanted in life, that we are all caught up in this system. I don’t feel that I suddenly have loads of responsibilities on my shoulders overnight because I am managing more than what my friends are doing at the same age (except maybe for weilin) and I just feel so old all of a sudden. The no. is like a rude shock to me that I’m no longer 18 and my body is definitely giving me the warning that late nights out is a huge nono for me sooner or later.
  7. I delcared myself a twitter addict in the year 2009. Haha!
  8. 3rd CNY and 4th bday spent tgt with baby. Not to mention, he gave me such a huge birthday surprise and presentS, just for me. Thank you, dear.
  9. Oh, I brought a friend from overseas around Singapore! GAH. I’m a super lousy tourguide cause I don’t know a lot of things! Haha, I’m gg to brush up on my knowledge of my own country before bringing any friends around in the future!
  10. I went travelling alone actually. Independence much? 🙂 (ok la, take plane alone, transfer plane alone and back! Shopping alone, navigate streets alone!) It was really exciting actually and its totally different when you’re with your friends compared to when you only have yourself. Yes, you will be very careful and cautious! Cos you only have yourself to rely on what! An excerpt from my journal which I brought along for the trip.

“。。我看,exciting 的事物就是这样的吧?那么的不可理喻,可是,每个人心里都偷偷的想那么做。”

A good 2009 I say. The good and the bad, I accept it all! Looking forward to a brilliant new year! 🙂