I hope to upload all the photos which I’ve been procrastinating in uploading by end of this week and then I will go and deactivate my FB’s account. Just a temporary one, because I realised out of all, I seriously can spend a lot of my time on it. Browsing through people’s photos, replying people on their statuses, posting things on wall, playing games etc. Seriously, using wayyyyy too much of my time already.

Between Twitter and FB, at least I can get to tweet on the go when I’m bored w/o using much of my time! Unlike FB, I can only check it when I’m home after work or something and most of the time, I find myself getting distracted when I know I’ve new notifications. Just. Gotta. Check. It.

Cannot la, that won’t do. So I hope by deactivating it for a few months or so, I will stop being so reliant on this social media engine and when I re-activate it, I know I can control myself better. That is if I can upload ALL the photos by this weekend. :S

But I sure do hope so! And one main reason of me wanting to deactivate it is because I will very much want to focus whats on my plate rather than being so concerned about this virtual world of mine, kpo-ing in other people’s business when they’re really not even close to me. Seriously, my kpo-ing skills are astounding. Trust me. So ya, gotta change it. I’ve been whining to myself about it and I know actions speak louder than words thus I came to this decision. Sigh. Definitely not easy la! How can be easy one?! But I hope I can survive la!

So I will see you in the FB world in a few months time people!