Staircase, a scary ghost and an old friend.

I had the scariest dream last night. I’m serious, the scariest in all my 21 yrs and 4 months of life. I woke up with my hands clutching my bolster damn tightly and my heart pounding so wildly against my chest, I thoughts its gg to come out. Gah, when I was telling Joey about it I still got the chills la! Like, reliving it all over again.

**edited: I forgot to mention that ALL the lights were flickering non stop. Like frm the lift landing to the one along the corridors. ALL OF THEM.

Ok so for don’t know what reason, I was walking downstairs, just under my block with some shopping bags when i saw.. Weilin. Hahahah yes, darlin, you! No idea why ok, you just popped into my dream just like that. And she followed me to the lift and we took Lift A tgt up to the 11th floor.

If you’ve been to my house, you will know that Lift A is the one nearer to the staircase that leads up to the 12th and another staircase that leads to the 10th floor. SO. As the lift is moving up, and when it’s nearing to the 11th floor, you can actually see out of the lift cos of the tiny window in the middle, right?!



I was literally scared shitless ok, but god knows where I get the courage from, perhaps my adrenaline is kicking in, I turned around and told lin,

“see the ghost standing there?! when the door open, we must run as quickly as we can to my house already ok?!”

And once the door open, I grabbed her hand and I never run so fast in my entire life. I think I jumped down the stairs lor! And at the corner of my eye, I can see IT following us, not at a super fast speed, but STILL, following us. When I reached the 10th floor, (both me and lin were and still running like crazy) I grabbed hold of all my shopping bags and thrust it to lin because I need a free hand to dig for my keys! (the passing of bags were executed so seamlessly, we could have won a gold for Olympics. hahahah!) And goddamn it, I was carrying those hugeass bag, machiam bottomless pit, so can you imagine the panic I am experiencing when I’m searching for it?!?!?! I was searching and feeling around with my spare hand while running and I know, I just know that IT is right behind us.

We reached the front door of my house and bloody hell, the gate is locked. I was cursing and swearing like why is it locked?! BECAUSE I STILL CANNOT FIND THE KEYS. WALAO!!!! MAJOR PANIC!!!!

So take it that my house is the 1st one at the stretch of units along that corridor, when we first reached there and me digging for the keys, IT’s around at the 3rd unit at the stretch. Very near, but yet, still quite far, like enough time for us to escape into my house la! Butttttttttttttttt. I only found my keys when its b/w the 3rd and 2nd unit and my hands were like jelly; tremble tremble and I just can’t fit the key into the keyhole! Key kept slipping away and when I finally open the front door (which is after the GATE, can you imagine?! so kan qiong, still need to open twice?! walao eh!) and both me and lin slipped inside, IT’s just like 30cm away from us.

Come on la, I slammed the door in its face ok!

Heart racing, still cannot believe that I had such a narrow escape, I screamed to my sister that there’s a ghost just outside the door. We were curious whether its still lurking outside so I took a peep through the peephole.

And holy nelly na molly. It’s sticking its face so near to the hole, all I see, is its ashen fair face with its 2 big round scary eyes. Not to mention, the eyeballs are moving around its sockets at A SUPER UNNATURAL FAST SPEED. Super scary ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell me, this kind of dream. How not to wake up from fear?!?!??!

Seriously, blame it on my vivid imagination.