Hachiko: A Dog’s Story. (Inspired by a true story)

I watched this yesterday and I must say, this is a must-watch. It’s even worth a weekend tix. A story of loyalty, faithfulness and love.

Before I watch this movie, I’ve already know that this movie is a sobfest. But that didn’t deter me from watching it, in fact, I was telling Alan, skali I didn’t cry since I didn’t cry for Marley & Me! I was thinking, ah perhaps its for dog-lovers. And I ain’t exactly one.

Here is the story,

Hachiko is a lost puppy and is found by Richard Gere (a Professor) and ever since then, they formed this unbreakable bond with each other. Everyday, when Richard Gere went off for work, Hachi will walked with him to the station to see him off and always, before the 5pm train arrives, Hachi will be at his usual waiting spot waiting for his beloved owner’s face to appear amongst the commuters.It’s like Hachi will know, that his owner is coming back, and he MUST go and greet and welcome him! (Such a sweet dog right?!)

Every single day. Without fail. He will do that.

(ok, here comes the sad part. and i am tearing up as i am typing this, wtf)

But one day, his owner didn’t return from work. He died while at work from a stroke. The family moved away from the town and Hachi was being taken care by Richard Gere’s daughter.

However, Hachi will escape from the house, and walked a super long distance (like need a whole day to travel kind) just to go back to the train station, over there he will sit at his usal waiting spot, and wait for his owner’s return. Seeing how loyal the dog is to her father, eventually the daughter let him go.

And for ten freaking years, Hachi did the same thing over and over again.

He will sit at the usual waiting spot, everyday, waiting for the 5pm train to arrive, waiting to see his owner’s face again.

10. years.

356o days.

Be it rain or shine, he will still be there. He can be drenched in the rain, covered by the snow, but he will never leave. As long as its 5pm onwards, he will be there. And he will be till the train station closes, then he will slowly make his way back to his make shift home. (he sleeps under an abandoned train cabin) And then the whole cycle will repeat itself all over again.

Can you imagine not?!

10 years leh. T-E-N LEH! I don’t think even a man can be so loyal and faithful to this extent! Seriously, 人不如狗!The thought of waiting like one month just send shudders down my spine because I hate waiting, there’s no way I can do that. Haha, seriously, if I’m a dog I will be the most unfaithful dog ever on Earth.

My heart totally aches for Hachi when they show him walking a lot slower because he is already like 12 years old then which is equivalent to 84 human years. And from that scene onwards, my tear ducts just start doing what they ought to do already. When the show was over (the ending was Hachi died, and he finally saw Richard Gere again, TEAR JERKER ANOT YOU TELL ME LA!) I was sobbing non stop, in fact I’m so affected that I just covered my face with my shawl and just cry like there’s no tmr. I am serious. Alan and I were the last to leave the theatre. Best thing is, haha! I went to an empty toilet and continue crying in there! My eyes were swollen from all the crying la.

Come to think of it, Hachi spent most of his life waiting for his owner you know! 😦 He was born in 1923, and he died in 1935. He waited from 1925 to 1935. Awwwwwwwwwww. My heart is aching again. I couldn’t sleep last night because I kept thinking about Hachi and everytime I think about him, my heart just feel super uncomfortable again. 😦

If you ask me to watch the 2nd time, I will still cry lor I think. Its too moving la!!!!

You can go to his wiki page as well to find out more about him! Which is what I did immediately when I reached home last night. I feel like going to Japan just go to the Shibuya station and take a look at his bronze statue!