Simple Pleasures

brown packages wrapped with strings. porch swings. iced tea. a sweet apple. waking up only to realise you’ve half an hr more of sleepytime. rainy days. old photos. children’s laughter. banana muffins with passionfruit lemon tea from starbucks. lazy afternoons. a smile from a (cute) stranger. helping someone. crisp apple strudels. a good shoulder massage. meeting an old friend. talking for hrs on the phone w a loved one. sunflowers. daisies. balloons. pink. notebooks. scrapbooking materials. realised that you lose weight somehw or rather. a baby falling asleep in yur embrace. a just-because sms. a good book. hot cup of tea in a cold room. hot chocolate before you sleep. someone tucking you to bed. sweet kisses. hello kitty merchandise (coughs*). sappy love movies. snuggling tgt under one blanket and talking everything under the sun. seafood aglio olio. chicken wings. mum’s cooking. meeting a friend after work. an email from someone whom you lose contact with. bags. chunky bracelets. victoria’s secret. a good work out. found a 10 dollar note while spring cleaning. clothes which makes you feel awesome. califragilisticexpiadilocious. acoustic guitar. gabe bondoc. good singing. a night walk along singapore river. goodfellas. seafood pizza from timbre. my smelly tee. holding hands. seabreeze. sun-tanning. people watching. beach. holidaysssssss (ok, this maybe nt so simple). picnic. bossa nova/jazz/indie songs.

ok, I can go on and on but I shall not.