He hates it

Joey hates it whenever I give him this “look” of mine when he said something really silly and immature imo, or when I’m pissed with him, or just because I feel like it.

He said I look damn 拽 (zhuai- is this the correct word? I can’t rmb!) and he always feels like giving me a punch whenever he see me doing that.

Honestly, I will feel like slapping myself too if I see this “look” on other people. Hhahaha!

Super kiam pa. I know. Hahahahah!

But its my favourite “look”! Not everyone can do the raise-one-eyebrow thing ok!!!! (I know I look super cui here with the fringe being clip to a side and all, but I was out of the shower!)

N ofcourse this is a scheduled post, right now I should be busy bai-nianing!