4 years; 48 months; 1460 days

Hello baby tay.

It’s our 4 years anniversary, can you believe it? When I was making the huge photo collage for you, I was looking through the pictures and I kept thinking, “has it really been 4 years?” If not for the photos that I insisted on taking to serve as a timeline for us, I seriously will think where did all the time goes to (grammatical errors, pls pardon me!).

I can still remember the first time I saw you when I was 14, and you, 16! You were working at the Pau shop at JP with my sister and thats the first unoffcial meet-up I guess. Haha! Not much of a good impression leh I must say. In fact, totally no impression at all!

Then came our first date (as friends), you were in NS then, and after months of msn-ing and smses, we finally meet at Bukit Batok for the famous hokkien prawn mee. Conversations between us flow very naturally and I even gave a small tutorial session on sign language (yes, I know sign language back then. now? hahaha, only some of the basics!) over a small dessert at Mc right! And thats when you fall hopelessly in love with me. hahahaha! I think you were attracted to my laughter leh, seriously.

And someone has to go over to Australia for a month for training lor. Ohmygoodness. (we were still friends) You’ve no idea how excited I felt whenever I log in to my Friendster page just to check whether is there any messages from you! Even though you’re not here in Singapore with me, sharing whatever that happened daily was still as easy, and to me, it’s like you’re right there with me, listening ever so patiently to whatever I have to say.

I guess I was erhem* in love with you back them already and was waiting for you to confess your feelings to me. But nope, you didn’t. We continue chatting as usual, and I remember I always sms you without fail on one of my boring modules. Haha! And cause it’s in a theatre, I have to sit near to the doors to get a signal to send smses out, and so I did! Everytime! But IJKZ was kind of a rebel group when it comes to boring lectures so the seats nearest to the Exits were kind of a hot favourite for all of us! Hahaha!

Looking back, the 暧昧关系that we had back then seems fun to the present me. But it was definitely not for the past me. I was baffled by your actions, words and sometimes they all don’t match with each other. Just when I thought that you like me as well, you throw me another bomb saying that you like someone else.(that idiot actually told me he like this primary school friend of his ok! on the night of valentine’s day 06, after he asked me out on that day! see!) Hor baby hor? Remember all these?!

I hope that in these 4 years with me, I’ve help to more or less change you into a better person, and that some of my good traits (pls don’t be as impatient as me, one is enough in this rship) have somehw or rather rub off you. I hope that with my incessant naggings, you’ve learnt how to better plan out your time and NOT to procrastinate when it comes to work. I hope that you can see whatever I do, naggings/lectures/whatever is just because I want the best for you. I may not be the most gentle and patient girlfriend out there but I seriously do think I’m not that bad either (you bet i am)

But, thank you for looking beyond that harsh exterior of mine. Or the little girl exterior of mine. (ya, I super contradicting one la) Thank you for stepping into my world despite me not being the most welcoming owner. Thank you for trying to change for me.

Happy 4 years anniversary, baby.