In the meadow, I'm flying high

15 feb – the 2nd day of CNY, and also our 4th yr anniversary!

We had a little getaway ( ok, not that far, just Marina Barrage ) just some alone time with sushi from Carrefour, my portable speaker and Macie ( a combination that never goes wrong ) , pink shawl and a nautical picnic map!

Just around 3 hours spent together but the weather was purrrfect to just lie underneath the skies dotted with colourful kites, and just wait for the days goes by. Ok, not exactly days,  more like, 3 hours?

The day was perfect to go shutter crazy! We managed to catch the sunset together. It was a pretty sight to see the clouds given a tinge of pink, bright orange and red.

Wokay, won’t be typing much. Let the pictures do the talking for me.

Initially, I thought it’s going to rain because of the dark clouds looming nearby. But thankfully, it didn’t! It just helped to keep us little humans cool and happy. Oh btw, there were like, 482 peeps flying kites there ok! But it just make a really pretty sight for us picnic-ers to look at. And it also inspire us to get a kite ourselves so we can fly one on our own.

Ok la, I think most likely I will just lie on the mat and look at him trying to fly the kite.

I am sooo not the kite-flying type.

I was so overdressed for that picnic. ( well, I went to his relative’s place beforehand ) A short, chiffon dress is so not cut out to be worn for picnic on a very, very windy day. Luckily I brought along my pink shawl. 😀

Told you it was windy.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

I’ve no idea why but I always prefer sunset to sunrise. Perhaps its the idea of something leaving which gives it this melancholic feel when you’re watching it, or perhaps it’s simply just because you don’t have to stay awake for the rest of the night just to catch something that lasts only for a few minutes tops. Or it might also because, after sunset, it will be night time, and I always have this silly impression in my mind that romantic things are even MORE so when it happens at night. Whichever the reason, I always am almost quiet when I managed to catch glimpses of sunset. I will only say,




then I will keep quiet and enjoy the beautiful scenes folding out in front of me.

Very rare ok, for me to be quiet! HAHA!

I managed to capture this picture of him.

And he? Only could be bothered with taking pictures of the skies and the scenery and not his dear old girlfriend. Very sian one la.

We stayed from daylight to night time. I must say it’s the best timing to go, so that you can have the best of both world.

What I rmb the most from the picnic was me lying on his lap, the wind whipping through our hair, us randomly picking songs from Macie, listening and sometimes even singing to it. At that moment, that very moment, I knew I’m in love.