Hong Kong: Food oh, Glorious Food!

That’s Joey and me sharing one portugese egg tart in Macau. Spot the facade of the church at the back, as well as Joey’s mum on the left hand side, posing for another camera. haha!

Anyway, I’m finally back with another travel post, after so long, that I felt kind of ridiculous that I am still posting this up. But since my old FB is no longer in use, and all the photos are in there, I shall just post them up, slowly, at my own sweet pace, to serve as memories for me la k!

Oh man, I really miss Hongkie’s food!

I must say, Hong Kong is really quite a food paradise with its array of delectable food. Dishes that they are famous for, such as Dim Sum and those unhealthy Cha Chan Teng food? Of course HK win hands down! Singapore’s Xin Wang and those yum cha restaurants just pale in comparison when you’ve tasted the original version.


Don’t get me started on the dim sum over there man. When baby went over to HK earlier in May’09, when he was back, he kept raving about how smooth and thin the skin of the har gow and siew mai is, how the prawns inside will be so fresh and crunchy, and of course, dim sum in Singapore failed terribly as.. well.. dim sum la.

And I know why after I tried the dim sum over at HK. From what the tour guide told us, the restuarants that we went to aren’t the best but to me, it really is damn nice already leh. Or perhaps because our quality over here is shitty to begin with. I especially love the har gow! O.M.G. orgasmically good!

*erhem Ok perhaps I exaggerated a little bit, but serious, it’s really nice.

Chee cheong fun was so smooth that we’ve to use spoon to scoop it up; it will just slipped away if we use chopsticks!

We had dim sum as our breakfast for 2 days out of the 3 days in Hong Kong!

Authentic Macau Fried Rice.

Every grain and morsel on that plate is a tiny piece of goodness on itself. It’s thaaaaat good, I swear. The Mother of all Fried Rice!

Cafe food, couldn’t ask for more. The clear soup is really rich on it’s flavour yet it isn’t overboard on it; in fact it tasted real sweet cos of the carrots and corn inside. See the prawns in my bowl of noodles? 7 of that muthafuckinghuge prawns ok! S-E-V-E-N! Halleluja! For a prawn lover like moi, its definitely a small piece of heaven la that bowl! As for the chicken? Smoothest chicken ever eaten in my 21 years of life. Even Joey’s mum is commenting how wonderful/delicious/fabulous it is!

The microwaveable food they provide in their 7-11 is 应有尽有! I tried the spag with a large pkt of vitasoy and its really quite a wicked dinner/supper after a long day of shopping. While Joey is so boring, he tried some maggie mee or something.

菠萝包. Not really to my liking, it’s a tad too sweet imo. But I just post this up because Joey lurvesss this. I don’t get why the man loves sweet stuff leh! I swear, he is the one with the sweet tooth in this rship.


This, my friend, is some effinglicious mango dessert they sell along the small stores that lined the streets of HK! Imagine savouring a bowl ( ok la, make that 2 bowls, I had 2 of these within a span of 3 hrs ) of this! Mango ice cream, mango fruit cubes, mini glutinous rice balls, all floating and swimming on/in thick mango syrup. If you’re a mango lover, please try to find this and EAT like TONS of this ok! If you don’t you will regret! I had it under Xinyi’s recommendation and I am sooo thankful she asked me to try that! Anyway it isn’t hard to find it at all, there’re like 1367364376 branches along the streets. You turn a corner, you see one store, turn another corner, eh-heh! another one.

Blogging about all these food is a wrong choice considering its 2.34am right now. I miss the food there. 😦