Angmohs VS. Asians

Last night at Timbre with amanda, we were seated right in front of a huge group of angmohs celebrating a friend’s bday. So naturally, they’re a boisterous bunch, energy level way up there, air-kissing and hugs everytime they see someone that they know/ don’t know.The hostess and host were walking from table to table ( I think more than 20 pax were there ) entertaining their guests,  and with angmohs, kisses and hugs easily replaced their “hellos” for their friends.

Amanda then mentioned something along to the line of, she can’t do that, like being so friendly to the extent of hugging someone so passionately or even kissing on the cheeks. And I agreed with her.

I just don’t know how they can do that eh. (I hear a lot of “hi, nice to meet you!” followed by the sound of kisses on the cheeks. Like, many times!) Like, its just someone you just met right? Like, you don’t even know the person. So why are you being so friendly? I am scared of overly friendly people. I’m serious. I will be more of fending their arms off me and making sure there’s this huge distance between us. I’m someone who needs time to warm up before I will be nice to you. Not like immediately!

But I bet angmohs are also thinking the same thing about us Asians, like why are so unfriendly and hostile. Why can’t we be more affectionate and smiley and nice. Ah, just the differences in the culture and our up-bringing.

And that Joey Tay was telling me if ever this rship don’t work out, he feel like finding an angmoh girlfriend. Hahaha, baby! Are you sure you can survive in that kind of environment not! Find ABCs la!