Default look

So, I was on the EW-line train this morning and moved to the centre of the cabin which I am used to even though it isn’t the peak hour (10am). I grabbed hold of the pole that is beside me and started punching on my handphone’s keypads, replying to some sms and while I am doing that, I just looked up and just let my eyes wander around, looking out of the window, things like that.

Then I noticed this man (in his perhaps mid-twenties) who was sitting in front of me looking at me.

When people looked at me, I sure return the ‘favour’ one. So, I looked back la. And of course, you don’t expect me to be smiley and friendly la! Just a very neutral look of mine.

Guess what he did afterwards?

He gave up his seat, stood up and walked to the glass panel that’s near the gates leh!

I was soooo shocked when he did that. Like, seriously, am I really that fierce?! HAHAHAHAHAHAH! I told Mingzhen and she told me perhaps he’s just being very gentlemanly about it, giving up his seat to me but I seriously don’t think so. If he is a gentleman, he’ll give it to me once I walked into the cabin and when I stopped in front of him right? He didn’t leh. He only gave his seat up when we exchanged looks ok!

And no, he wasn’t alighting soon. I board the train at Chinese Garden and he gave up his seat then. He only alighted the train when at Outram ok!

Of course I sit down la, like, 不坐百不坐right?! But I gave up my seat at Jurong East cos nobody was willing to give up their seats to this old auntie. *exasperated look* I wonder how they can feel comfortable plonking their fat asses down like that when obviously someone who is more in need of that seat is standing just right in front of you.

Hahahahaha, but I seriously am sorry to the guy in the train this morning. Didn’t mean to look so fierce!