Google Translator

It’s crap. I am serious. I just copy and paste a paragraph of chinese words to see how the engine is going to translate it to english and I can only say the standard of it can put our Singlish to shame (and it’s already bad enough, so can you imagine how bad it is?)

I copied this: 有些对象在你生命刚开始出现的时 候呢,你会眼睛一亮。 然后你会觉得,就好像火花一样灿烂。 但当你冷静之后,你会觉得这只是人生中小小的点缀。 就像路旁的路灯,你开车时一盏一盏的亮起来,但到了最后你会发现,你最想回去的只有一个地方.

It gave me this: Some objects, in your life when it just began to appear, you will eye-catching. Then you will feel, like, like a brilliant spark. But when you are calm, you will find this is only a little embellishment in life. Like a street lamp, when you drive a bright one up, but in the end you will find that you most want to go back to only one place.

Ok la, the meaning is there but…er-hem. Mai hiam buay pai la ah.