Next stop

Life will be califragilisticexpialidocious if my days are peppered with beach holidays.

No itinerary, perhaps sometimes with a companion, sometimes alone, gotta see whether I can find enthusiastic and free ppl!

Just imagine.. long lazy days at the beach. Sipping margurita or a citrusy smoothie, depending on my mood for that day. I will go snorkelling and find nemos and sea turtles. Perhaps even learn how to scuba dive (I wanna learn pls!!! Before all the corals shrivel up and die!! Thats what e divers told me when I was in Redang last yr!) so I can take wonderful marine pictures with my handydandy camera! Lotion-fied myself so that I can bake under the sun every bloody single day, and when it gets a little bit too hot, I can just go have a dip in the cooling soothing seawaterrrrrr.

Ohhh, I’ll travel light. Beachy clothes are super flimsy and short what. Bikinis don’t take up much space either. Ah, shades. Huge shades that cover at least half of my face. Love beatle shades. N flipflops, my fav footwear. And I’ll just prat about doing.. nothing basically. Play with babies if I manage to meet any, make new friends and give them e false impression that I am a super friendly girl (when i am not, i am grouchy and short fused) , take loads of pictures, create memories, stuff myself silly with ice cream or ice kachang, depends where I am I supposed.

Ohhhhhhhhh yes.

I definitely need to get a pink mat to make the holidays perfect. A pink mat won’t go wrong. Pastel pink or hot pink is fine but I really do prefer pastel pink. It will be even better if the resort somehw or rather provides huge and soft cushions for the holidayers. I need pretty floral rubberbands too, to tie up my hair, I really love those frangipani ones. Or chiffon flowers. Just flowers, since flower in a girl’s hair nv goes wrong.

It will be even better if I can get to travel on a whim. Too stress? Wanna get away from it all? Just pack and go only. Even better if I have a machi who can do this all e time with me.

After all you will need someone to cam-whore with right. 😀