Beautiful day

Beeeeautiful sunset in Sentosa.

A relaxing date with Jeanette in the evening. It’s actually more of a pre-mini-bday celebration for her, since tmr is her birthday! 🙂 Good food with great ambience spent with one of your best friend never goes wrong. Especially with her.

Check out the 2 kids in the foreground. Holding hands skipping towards the beach. Awwww. I love watching kids having a good time.

I’ve to stretch my hand up like this so that I won’t appear so short when in comparison. She is damn tall okay! As tall as Joey! 20cm taller hor! Always feel so protected when I am with her. Hahahah!

Me: “Girl, come, I take your pictureeeeee”

Jean: “Go away Go away Go away”

Some things just don’t change don’t they? Even after 5 years. Awww. But aiyah, she just say for the sake of saying it la.  She’ll always gladly oblige in photo-taking sessions with me.

Unflattering angle. Pif, check out my fat arms pls. Like its fat enough as it is lor. Still this angle. Walao eh. Check out the gorgeous daisies. It’s definitely becoming one of my fav. flowers after sunflower. Jean commented that this picture is super “me”. Hmmm. Right. Hahahah.

(pssst. I’m totally loving how the pictures turned out for e day! All thanks to the setting sun!)

I think strangers won’t really have the impression that we both are actually such goooooooooooooooood friends. Like total machi kind. Our differences are everything on the outside and it stops there. From our thinking to preferences, it’s scarily alike. Meetups with her are always something for me to look forward to cos I know I’ll be truly enjoying myself. I can whine to her without feeling self conscious. We can go crazy over handicraft items. We share the same kind of humour and we love talking in our c.m.i british accent. This love is amazing I’m telling you. 🙂

We ordered quite a lot for our dinner. Its to compensate for our missed lunch. So we ordered Fried Button Mushrooms for the starters, and Grilled Salmon for our main. And a refreshing cool slushie to wash it all down.

Filled to the brim please! Here are the pictures!

Our drinks before it’s stirred. Pretty eh?

Colourful daisies against our white table. A wonderful contrast.

And when nightime falls, each table is given a lil jar containing a small flickering candle. I love candles. It just gives this warm glow to everything. Don’t you think it will be uber romantic if you were to go to this place with someone you like? Totally can just get lost in the converations and be oblivious to everything around you, since you can’t see much anyway. It’s seriously quite dark, imagine la, I actually have to bring the candle closer to me when I am digging for money out of my wallet. So, yeah. Romantic. 🙂

Our table is super messy. Walao. The waiter also never help us clear first lor.

We bought this together at Diva. Hahaha, its so primary/secondary school-ish isn’t it. Best Friends. Oh wells, we happy jiu hao lo! 😀

(Anyway if you’re interested, we spent 38 per pax on our meal at Coaste tonight. It’s a tad on the pricey side but I think we’re paying more on the ambience. Besides, if you go between 7-8pm, you can even get to see some performance from Songs of the Sea! Bring a girl there and I’m sure she will be loving it. Sompa. Besides, the food which we ordered is 2 thumbs up so we’re both very happy customers for today. )