Love Gives Me Hope

LGMH is actually a website where different users from all over the world will contribute love stories of their own to share with others, perhaps hoping to send the message to everybody that love indeed can give you hope. I was browsing through the stories and seriously, I couldn’t help but “awwwwww” to most of them. Uberly sweet stuff. Makes me wonder if they’re real.

Just wish to share with you some of their stories.

When my mom was pregnant with me, her and my dad would go to the beach.

One day she complained how she hated not being able to lay on her stomach. She went to go to the bathroom, and when she came back, my dad had dugg a hole in the sand for her stomach to go in.

His love GMH”

A while after my grandfather died, my grandmother peeked into a pocket of his wallet that she’d previously missed.

Inside was a note, written by my grandfather on his deathbed. ‘Anne, the past 40 years have been as pleasant as a June breeze. All my love, John.’

His very last love-letter GMH.”

Earlier in the summer I was at church and the pastors were doing announcements.

During the announcements, they mentioned a couple who was celebrating their wedding anniversary. It was their 75th. The husband is 102. Every one cheered for them to kiss.

They made out.”

Today, I was walking in a dog park.

I reached this really steep hill, and noticed someone rolling down it, laughing the whole way. At first I passed it off as a just a kid. Then I noticed that it was a woman at least 60 years old, and that her husband was waiting at the bottom of the hill to catch her.”

I was at the mall the other day when I saw an old couple sitting together. The man looked over at the woman and said,

“Jane, we did it. We grew old together.”

The look in her eyes GMH.”

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Seriously, ain’t it sweeeeet?! If you need more doesage of such heartwarming stories, click here or follow them on twitter!